Be the 'go-to' practitioner for breast cancer rehab in your community. 

Learn how to prevent & alleviate ALL the side effects of breast cancer treatment.

What is KickPink?

People who have/had breast cancer are living with unnecessary side effects of their treatment. KickPink's mission is to prevent & alleviate these side effects and aid in healing; mind, body & spirit. We do this through education.

Health care providers can learn how to implement the latest research & treatment techniques at

People who have/had breast cancer will find the info & providers they have been looking for at 

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'Safe Exercise Screening Tool' + Analysis & Next Steps

What KickPink offers...


People who have experienced breast cancer are living with disruptive & often unnecessary side effects.
Be the solution so many are waiting for.


Resources for clinicians specific to breast cancer treatment; patient education handouts, clinical reference guides, research summaries & screening tools...

Barriers to comprehensive care exist for people who have/had breast cancer. KickPink is an online resource that delivers empowering knowledge. 

Susannah has a world of experience, teaches research based techniques, and is able to keep the learner engaged. I am a pelvic health physical therapist and am excited to begin my journey in treating patients with breast cancer.

Jamie Drake PT, DPT


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There's no time like breast cancer awareness month to begin your KickPink journey. Join the next cohort to become a KickPink practitioner today! (Registration limited to 50 spots.) This self-paced course begins March 1st. Participants have 3 months to complete this certification course. Enter 2024 with new knowledge and marketable skills that change lives!

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