Our mission is to prevent & alleviate the side effects of breast cancer treatment so that people can heal; mind, body & spirit. 

Too many people are living with side effects of breast cancer that can be prevented & alleviated with rehabilitation; although the medical interventions are necessary the presence and severity of side effects don't have to be.

Watching my own mother, best friend, and patients navigate cancer treatment, I have seen how these side effects can leave people feeling physically broken and unable to perform the activities that they love doing most in life.

Over, the years I have poured myself into understanding medical interventions, researching explanations for side effects, developing rehab treatment protocols, and figuring out how to screen and prevent these side effects from occurring. I believe that we are stronger together & there is much work to be done. 

It is an honor to work in this field & collaborate with others who are passionate & dedicated to helping people who have/had breast cancer & the evolution of cancer care.

The current situation...

  • Breast cancer interventions are taking place to save a life, but usually the side effects are not being acknowledged and prioritized as a part of the treatment care plan. 
  • There are few rehab providers that understand the medical care plan and how to prevent and treat side effects. When these providers are in place, there is often a breakdown in communication finding them.
  • Insurance in the United States does not pay for prevention. Plan of care's need to stay fluid for adding rehab diagnosis and  interventions during treatment as well as keeping care plans open for longer durations with variable frequency. 
  •  Medical appointments can be overwhelming and access to a rehab care team may be limited. 

What we are aiming for...

  • Medical providers need to understand the side effects of interventions for cancer treatment and value rehabilitation services as part of the oncology team. 
  • Expansion of cancer treatment services beyond lymphedema treatment. Rehab providers who understand the short and long-term impact of medical treatment interventions & provide comprehensive & timely screening and intervention. 
  •  Payers valuing the benefits of early screening and interventions that are not only cost-saving, but crucial to the livelihood of the insured. 
  • General education direct to people who have/had breast cancer. People experiencing treatment are their own best advocates. Knowledge is power & improves care. 

KickPink's global initiative: 

Educate and train medical & rehab providers through 

Provide general education for people who have/had
breast cancer at 

Let's bridge patient / provider communication & bring cohesive action to comprehensive breast cancer care. 

7.8 million
women alive who were diagnosed in the past 5 years

> 60% or survivors
experience 1 or more side effect associated with cancer treatment that can be alleviated with rehabilitation

# of medical & rehab professionals who understand comprehensive cancer care

KickPink for professionals

What we do for you:

  • Provide the latest in evidence-based interventions to treat side effects of breast cancer treatment. 'Breast Cancer Rehabilitation; Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment' is the certification course & lead-in to the advanced Level 2 course coming soon!
  •  Assist with marketing. Certified KickPink practitioners are listed in the directory at We also are creating marketing materials to help grow your practice!
  •  Patient education materials and resources available at will increase awareness and early intervention for side effects. Collaboration will ensure a broad discussion and solutions for navigating treatment and healing mind, body & spirit. 

Ready to get certified?

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Level 1 is the lead-in course to the upcoming Advanced Breast Cancer Rehab Course.

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