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Susannah Haarmann Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT

Susannah Haarmann Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT

What the research says about how latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction affects shoulder function and the benefits of breast cancer ...

Susannah Haarmann Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT

The benefits of breast cancer rehab are vast from decreasing treatment side effects, to improving physical and mental health & decreasing ...

About the author

Susannah Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health and breast cancer rehab. She teaches continuing education courses and creates resources for practitioners in these areas to improve patient care & work flow. When Susannah is not behind a computer writing the latest in patient education handouts, blog posts, or marketing materials, she is likely treating a patient in her private practice in Asheville, North Carolina or hitting up some trails in the Appalachian mountains. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Susannah's ultimate goals is to transform breast cancer care and help people who have experienced this diagnosis live as free from the side effects of medical intervention as possible in order to heal; mind, body & spirit.

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