Safe Exercise Screening Tool for Breast Cancer Clients

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This 29-page PDF includes an intake form and guide to help you analyze side effects of breast cancer treatment & provide a safe exercise program!
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Susannah Haarmann Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT

Susannah Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT is a board-certified Women's Clinical Specialist of the American Physical Therapy Association and certified lymphedema therapist.  After completing a women's health residency at Duke University in 2012 she wrote the course 'Breast Cancer Rehabilitation; Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment' which she has taught around the world. Susannah is a faculty member with Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and has a private practice in Asheville, North Carolina. She writes patient education handouts in pelvic health ( and breast cancer rehab ( to increase proficiency and efficiency for rehab professionals addressing pelvic health and breast oncology issues. Susannah's big life goal is to educate professionals & people who have experienced breast cancer about treatment side effects so they can heal; mind, body & spirit. Get ready oncology world...KickPink practitioners are about to change the face of cancer care!

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This is a well thought out course filled with useful and current information based on both clinical expertise and current evidence; I strongly recommend taking this course if you are trying to expand your knowledge base on breast cancer.

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